Use of Somatic Psychotherapy to work with 

Highly Activated Clients


Use of Somatic Psychotherapy to work with 

Highly Activated Clients

Course Code:   PT-210102

Training session:      13th & 20th January, 2021, 9:30am to 17:30pm
Practice session:      30th January & 6th February, 2021, 9:30am to 12:30pm
Venue:      Room 906, 9/F, No.9, Shing Mun Road, Tsuen Wan
Trainer:     Mr. Paul Chung 鍾梁輝先生 & Dr. Paulina Kwok 郭志英博士

Target:    Social worker, counselor/therapist, pastor care professionals and other helping 

                professionals who are actively engaged in clinical work no less than three years.

Fee:    Original Fee:$3,100

   Early bird fee :  $2,900 (On or before 23/12/2020)
 2 persons enrolling together︰$2,700/each


Today, living in a turbulent and fragmented living environment, people are vulnerable to different kinds of threat and traumatic events.  It resulted the whole being including body and mind are highly activated, disconnected, fragmented and is in a physiology of state of defense and dysregulation.  Informed by neo-biological and somatic psychotherapy, professionals today have to learn how to touch into client’s experience and to co-regulate somatic response associated with the distress events in-order to help down regulate the reactivity through the body and nervous system.
The learning outcomes is to enhance clinical results by applying skills in Somatic Psychotherapy that main stream talking therapy can proceed more effectively.  


Aims of Day One Training:
The focus is to enhance the understanding of highly activation/trauma through neuroscience perspective and learning to self-regulate as well as the capacity to contain dysregulation. Besides, also aims at the re-connectedness with self, others and the environment.


  • Neo-biological understanding of Autonomic Nervous System and highly activated emotional and physiological expression/ or trauma response. 

  • Skills and tools of Polyvagal Theory in tracking and working with the different states of nervous system and physio-psychological changes

  • Regulation and co-regulation exercises to rebuild the connectedness with self, others and the environment 

  • Grounded presence and Felt sense awareness 

  • Use of language of sensation and felt sense in clinical practice

Aims of Day Two Training:
The focus is to introduce clinicians to work with a blended protocol with SE, SOMA Embodiment and ISP skills through the backbone of Polyvagal Theory. The design is to enhance resonance with client and to work with client’s body upward in clinical sessions to achieve a more effective and embodied clinical result. 


  • Active sensing skills

  • Embodiment technique

  • Language of the body

  • Synchronous tracking skills

  • Resiliency enhancement skills

  • Somatic psychological first aid technique

  • Somatic psychotherapy skills

  • Touch skills

Format:     The training is an experience driven and highly interactive learning process, it includes:
Mini-lecture, experiential exercise, group practice & debriefing, demonstration, Q & A 
Target:     Social worker, counselor/therapist, pastor care professionals and other helping professionals who are actively engaged in clinical work no less than three years.

Language:   Mainly Cantonese supplemented by English

Target:   Teacher, pastor, nurse, counselor, therapist, social worker and other helping professionals

Time and duration:  Training includes 2 full days’ training and 2 half days’ practice sessions: 

Mr. Paul Chung 鍾梁輝先生
Certificate in Training and Consultancy with NLP (NLP University, USA)
Certificate in Energy Psychology Essentials (Willingness Works®, USA)
Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute, USA)
Certificate in SOMA training in Trauma and Bodywork (Zentrum fur Innere Okologie and Polarity Bildungszentrum, Zurich)
Certificate in Integral Somatic Psychology (Integral Somatic Psychology LLC, USA)


Dr. Paulina Kwok 郭志英博士
DSW, RSW, Certified Family Therapist, Counselor & Clinical Supervisor (HKMFTA, HKPCA), Consultant Supervisor (HKSWA)
Certified Wholebody Focusing Therapist (TIFI), Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (Trauma Institute, US), 
Certified Ego-State Therapist (ESTI), Certified Integral Somatic PsychologyTM (ISPTM)