Introductory course on Wholebody Focusing

Introductory course on Wholebody Focusing

Course Code: PT-2001105

Training session:      17th & 24th November 2020, 9:30am to 5:30pm
Practice session:      21th & 28th November 2020, 9:30am to 12:30pm
Venue:      Room 906, 9/F, No.9, Shing Mun Road, Tsuen Wan
Trainer:     Dr. Paulina Kwok 郭志英博士

Guest Trainer:     Ms. Dorothy Lam
Target:    Teacher, pastor, nurse, counselor, therapist, social worker and other helping professionals

Fee:    Original Fee:$3,100

   Early bird fee :  $2,900 (On or before 27/10/2020)
 2 persons enrolling together︰$2,700/each


Wholebody Focusing is an experiential process method that awakens consciousness of our living body.  Through the reawakening of felt sense, we could connect inner resources and inner knowing called body wisdom which knows how to move forward life situations lively.  Over time with repeated practice, Wholebody Focusing enables us to face our life distress and struggles with more consciousness, staying power and in a balanced way.  The learning of Wholebody Focusing can be applied to self, others and professional practice.

Aims of this workshop:

  • Learning the wholeness of self-connection in a bodily way that enables a deeper self-understanding of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 

  • Experience and learning how unprocessed emotions could be regulated and stress could be alleviated. 

  • Reawakening internal resources and resilience to cope with stressful life situations. 

  • Building and develop a solid, trusting and safe connection that breed a caring and empathetic companion which is an essential foundation in opening up to another person, including working with people facing high stress and trauma.


1. Four key elements to Wholebody Focusing:


  • Awakening to the Body Wisdom

  • Grounding and Presence

  • Allowing a Felt Sense to Emerge

  • Holding Both with Equal Positive Regard


2. Six phases of Wholebody Focusing:


  • Embodying Grounded Presence: connecting self and environment with five body spaces

  • Awakening the body wisdom

  • Holding the dynamic inner space of Not Knowing

  • Welcoming the New Knowing

  • Holding both with equal positive regard

  • Allow life forward movement and the fullness of the situation to complete

3. Establishing listening partnership

Format: Training is an interactive and experiential process including:


  • Mini lecture

  • Experiential exercises and practice (individual and partnership)

  • Demonstration

  • Group sharing and discussion

  • Q&A

Language:   Mainly Cantonese supplemented by English

Target:   Teacher, pastor, nurse, counselor, therapist, social worker and other helping professionals

Time and duration:  Training includes 2 full days’ training and 2 half days’ practice sessions: 


Dr. Paulina Kwok 郭志英博士

DSW, RSW, Certified Family Therapist, Counselor & Clinical Supervisor (HKMFTA, HKPCA), Consultant Supervisor (HKSWA)

Certified Wholebody Focusing Therapist (TIFI), Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (Trauma Institute, US), Certified Ego-State Therapist (ESTI),

Certified Integral Somatic PsychologyTM (ISPTM)

Guest Trainer:

Ms. Dorothy Lam

BSc (Hons) in Psychology (UIU)

Certified Focusing Trainer (TIFI)

Certified Wholebody Focusing Therapist (TIFI)