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“I-FAST” Two days workshop / 
Six sessions of Clinical Supervision



Integrative Family and Systems Treatment (I‐FAST) is a treatment model that is developed to work with families that have children with severe emotional and/or behavioral problems. I‐FAST is developed with the purpose of developing an evidence‐based common factors treatment model that address practice realities of social service agencies, embraces social workers’ existing expertise, and empowers the development of expertise at the agency level. Building on evidence based literature regarding effective treatments for this population, I‐FAST identifies three core treatment components that can be integrated into a coherent treatment protocol for working with children, adolescents, and families at risk.


Theoretical framework:

Integration of systemic, structural strategic, solution focused, strength based, narrative and social construction approaches.



  • Role as case manager, active reaching out effort in alliance with different institutions

  • Working with child and adolescents with severe emotional and  behavioral problem, addictions and multi-family problems of various natures.


Core Treatment Components:

  • Developing therapeutic alliance

  • Creating beneficial shift in family patterns of interaction

  • Systems collaboration: working with other involved systems


How does it help case-workers in their work:

A “template” for systemic and specific procedures at different phrases of case intervention will be used for case conceptualization and formulation of intervention plan.

Targets:  Suitable for both senior and junior workers.

Format: Training Workshop / Clinical Supervision

Number of Participants:

Training workshop: Below 40 participants
Clinical Supervision : Below 12 participants

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