Level 2: Trauma informed therapeutic relationships


Trauma-informed Care Series

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Level 2: Trauma informed therapeutic relationships


Trainer︰Ms Stella Siu

Workshop Description:

Stress is inevitable and necessary in life. Trauma may develop when the stress and shock are too intense or chronic. Personality and relational patterns are developed at very young age in children. Repetitive exposure to certain attachment patterns would influence the child’s mastery of self-regulatory skills, while recurrent dysregulation could affect mental and physical health. Personality structure could be compromised in chronic exposure to highly dysregulated conditions.

This series of workshop aims at providing a basic understanding of trauma and dissociation. It will also introduce different therapeutic approaches to address the neurophysiological arousal that may affect the person’s daily living.

Level 1 of this series will cover a general understanding of complex trauma and treatment. Level 2 will focus on the theories and treatment of complex trauma and transference phenomenon. Different methods to enhance self-regulation and relational patterns through a holistic approach with an emphasis on somatic work will be introduced. There will be case studies presented in the workshop. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on one’s personal style in working with persons who struggle with complex trauma.


  1. ​Attachment patterns and the implication to developmental and complex trauma

  2. Theory of Structural Dissociation of Personality

  3. Handling transference & countertransference

  4. Clinical reflection of trauma-informed practice



  • Lecture

  • Case studies

  • Self-regulatory exercises

  • Small group practices

About the trainer:

Ms. Stella SIU
B.Th., MA (Clin. Psy.)
Registered Psychologist, HKPS
Associate Fellow & Approved Supervisor, HKPCA
International Postgraduate Diploma in Narrative Therapy and Community Practice, Dulwich Centre, Australia
EMDR Clinician
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing Training Institute, USA


Stella Siu has been in private practice since August 2012. Previously Stella worked at different NGOs as a clinical psychologist, team leader of a counseling team, and taught part-time in a university. She has been providing training and clinical consultation to different NGOs.


Stella has a keen interest in Object Relations Therapy since graduation from Wheaton College, IL, USA in 1992. She received training in Jungian Analysis and Sandplay for several years. The focus of her interest is in the area of developmental and complex trauma. She uses psychodynamic therapies, narrative therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing and other somatic approaches in her clinical work.